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Top Recommended Hiking Adventures in Colorado

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

2.  Yellow Stone National Park

3.  Mesa National Park

4.  Vail Pass 

5. Durango, CO

Timber Hiking

Traveling Timber on Her Hiking Adventures

Hiking Tips 

Hiking is a lot of fun, however it can be very dangerous if you are not 100% prepared.  We encourage every hiker to have plenty of water, first aid kit, proper clothing, snack food, and a compass.  

Why is Timber Hiking Important? 

Hiking is important because it promotes  exercise, getting out of the house and getting  outside, connects us to nature, and discovering new places.  


Timber Hiking is community of people and resources for beginners to advanced hikers.  We believe that nature is the best holistic medicine.  We want to encourage individuals, family, and friends to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.  Ms. Timber, founder and operating manager is an avid hiker, the ultimate outdoors and adventure seeker.  She grew up in Colorado and always loved being outside.  She enjoys  exploring the world connecting her passion of hiking and faith.  Timber is dedicated to inspiring the world through adventurous hikes.  She believes in the power of Mother Nature, and uses every hiking opportunity to connect to God gaining clarity, strength, and wisdom.   Join Timber on Instagram.