Numbers are a form of communication.  Learn what numbers are your strongest, and what you need to know about the energy.

Payment Options 

Private readings require pre-payment. We use an online service, PayPal.  PayPal account holders may send money entering the email address:  Non-PayPal account holders will receive  an invoice from PayPal for payment with a debit or credit card.  This is required for all confirmed appointments prior to a private reading. Thank you.

Events accept all major credit cards, PayPal or cash. ​​

Psychic Medium Serving Denver, CO

Tara is a Teacher, Medium, and Messenger offering Intuitive Wisdom

Spiritual Guidance

Understand your life path. Gain clarity in making big decisions in your life. Uplift and motivate your Spirit.


Spiritual Guidance Consultations
​Meetings are private and confidential.   Consultations offered via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, telephone, or in person.  Mileage charges may apply. 

All consultations are by appointment only.  Call now for a free consultation (303) 903 0358.


Learn meditation, silence, and devotion. Read holy and inspirational books.  Enjoy music. Light a white candle.


Healing Yourself 

Self-Love, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, and faith are parts of healing.

Upcoming Events

Please note each private consultation requires a minimum of 30 minutes pre-pay appointments only.  Prices vary.  Call (303) 903-0358 now for a quote. 

​Consultation includes


Change negative behavior into positive energy. Clients discover their natural beauty and spiritual gifts. 


Communicate with loved ones on the other side.