• ​I wanted to let you know about Tara's hard work and the extraordinary job she has done. I believe Tara does way more than expected and helps students that seem to be lost in the admissions process.
  • ​I can only say what I saw in you --- that you were ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC, AMAZING, AND WONDERFUL!!!!
  • ​​Just wanted to thank you for sending Tara our way. Tara has been awesome with flexibility and building a rapport with the parents. Thank you!!!!! 
College Admissions

College Admission guidance from beginning to end

1.       I love promoting higher education.  Not only is it important, I enjoy seeing students grow, access higher education, and achieve personal goals.
2.       I know there is a high demand for educational and career counseling.  According to many reports the national average for student to counselor ratio is 318:1.  Another report confirmed that over 54% of Colorado students are not receiving appropriate career or educational counseling.
3.      I am dedicated to uplifting families in the community.

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College and Career Preparation for K-12 for groups

Learn the process for college admissions and preparing for employment. 

Employment Services

Learn and apply to new and upcoming careers.  Plan for your future.  Set goals. Write a resume. Prepare for interviews.

Thank you for visiting.  We want to help you access your future dreams.  Our Mission with KeyPlan is guiding you and your strengths with an intelligent college or career plan.  We believe every one has a gift, a path, and a spiritual responsibility.  We help you discover your future.  We help you think outside the box.  We guide you to completing a plan that gets you one step closer to following your passion and heart in this journey of life.  Contact Tara DeLaFuente now. 

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College Admissions and Employment Services

College and Career Consultations
​​Meetings are private and confidential.  Consultations offered via Skype, Facetime, telephone, or in person.  Mileage charges may apply. 

All consultations are by appointment only.  Call now to set up an appointment by calling (303) 903 0358. 

​​Payment Options 
Consultations require pre-payment. We use an online service, PayPal.  PayPal account holders may send money entering the email address: ttmdlf@gmail.com.  Non-PayPal account holders will receive  an invoice from PayPal for payment with a debit or credit card.  This is required for all confirmed appointments. Thank you.

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