Please describe your experience working with Tara DeLaFuente and the spiritual wisdom she provided? Be specific explaining the benefits you received?

Worth more than a thousand words


  • I left feeling refreshed, uplifted, and loved.

  • Tara is very calm and patient, nonjudgmental and listens very well. She allowed me to take my own pace and come to my own conclusions. After her visit I felt lighter, more free and happy.

  • Tara is very passionate about her work, and has a fluency and comfort with numerology and spiritual connection that is inspiring. I took notes from one of the two reading we did, and I reference those notes frequently when I am struggling with decision or needing a reminder of who I inherently, truly am. Tara is a blessing!  

  • Tara is a talented and insightful reader. The information she offers is helpful and very accurate.

  • She provided me with so much information and conformation in my first visit with her. She helped me open my mind and spirit with wisdom.

  • Tara is a great person, a perfectionist.

  • Tara is a wonderful guide and I only see her grown personally and professionally as a guide each time we meet!

  • Big hugs to you, sister!

  • She is great and will provide great surprises with every reading.

  • Biggest fear is failing as a friend or mother, wife. No, Tara helped me reach my spiritual side. Calmed me inside.

  • Tara, I do not know if you understand how important you are to me!  You are wise beyond your years.

  • ​Tara, my sweet friend, you gave me a warning from my dad and you were right on the money.

  • ​Most definitely i would recommend Tara to anyone, she is blessed with gifts from God! Tara has shown me that God has given us each different gifts. Tara has used the gifts of prophecy and healing that God has given her to get touch with the lives of many people. Tara was there for a friend of mine that was seriously injured ill in the intensive care. Her prayers of faith in healing for this man have produced a true miracle! He was released from the hospital with no long term problems. Tara was there providing strength and hope to hurting family members and friends throughout this ordeal. Tara is truly blessed with gifts from God. She is being used to help God's children in need.

  • ​Thank you for the enlightening lecture at the Body Mind and Spirit Fair today. I found myself so engrossed to your way of making it feel so real and believable. My head nodding in agreement with the experiences in my own journey of opening up. The healing with others is priceless. Thank you. My love always.