I always pursue God.  God fills my heart because we are in union at all times.
The Holy Spirit lives within me.  I give my life to God.

I am positive energy enjoying every moment of my life.
I trust my intuition.  I listen to my body, mind, heart, and Spirit.  

Recommended Books:
I Can Do It, Louise Hay
Heal Your Body A-Z, Louise Hay 


I am guided by Divine Love.  I am surrounded by Divine Love.  I am Divine Love.  I am Pure Love.

My Being always conforms to the will of God.
I am grateful.  I am full of joy.  I am ________________ (your name).
I am a beautiful Being, My Spirit is wise and full of energy.

I am light. The people around me are light. My purpose is to spread light.
I love you. I love me. I love the Holy Spirit inside of me. 
Love thy Lord, thy God, and love thy neighbor as thy self.

I relax my body. I relax my mind.  I relax my Spirit.  I am at peace and free from negative energy.

“Every time you smile at someone it is an action of Love, a gift to that person, a Beautiful thing.” - Mother Teresa

My light uplifts and motivates the whole world.

Mary open our minds, Mary open our ears.  Mary open our eyes.  Mary open our hearts.  Mary open our Spirit to know all the goodness in the universe.

Create positive energy and thoughts in your life by using daily affirmations.  Create your own personal affirmation or use an example below.  Tara recommends using each affirmation for a minimum 5 mins 3x a day.  Focus and meditate on one affirmation at a time.  Schedule this time on your calendar.  Save your affirmation on your cell.  Create an inspiring poster. Make sure you have it visible.  The more you see and read the affirmation the quicker you begin manifesting positive energy in your life.