Tara's Story

Tara DeLaFuente is a Teacher, Medium,  and Messenger  with intuitive wisdom. Her Godmother love and wisdom is guided by the Holy Spirit. Tara is a proud Colorado native. She loves music, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones. Tara grew up in a strict Catholic family. Tara states, “I have the greatest parents! They taught me about God. They taught me about love. They always support me." Tara grew up with a lot of faith. She always had a strong spiritual foundation. In 2012-2014, Tara turned away from prayer, away from the church, and away from God. It was November 2014, Tara had her first encounter with a Psychic Medium. It was life changing. 

Her light turned on. From this point Tara dedicated her life to teaching in a new way. Her readings and lectures include personal messages from the Holy Spirit connecting clients with Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirits on the Other Side, and our Power Source. Tara enlightens clients in understanding their energy and life path. She motivates and uplifts your Spirit. Tara's intuitive wisdom guides clients in making significant life decisions. Through Divine intervention, Tara's services offer a personal and spiritual transformation that create a "Spiritual Awakening." She dedicates her time to saving souls by spreading love, light, and forgiveness around the world. Tara loves her family and your family. She is a firm believer in unity, love, and faith.

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